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Deciding on a piece of original art is an emotive decision, with everyone's tastes difficult to accommodate, or an individual may be unsure how the art will look in their home.

Renting art is the answer to many questions; before deciding to buy or providing an ever changing boardroom to motivate staff.

For the Home

Artist Phil Daniels geisha painting in the living room Spice up your home for an event or test how art looks in a location without the financial outlay of purchase. Sometimes art grows on you and a piece in location while living with it can help decisions.

For Hospitality

Artist Phil Daniels supplys pubs and restaurants with art to hang Pairing local fine art with local fine food is a great way to enhance a dining experience. Change artwork seasonally to compliment menus or work with Phil selling art from your wall space.

Corporate Offices

Artist Phil Daniels rents art to business A warm welcome for visitors, stimulating colleagues, and reinforcing professional identity and corporate culture. Phil's art transforms a stale office into a lively workplace.

Designers, Stage & film

Artist Phil Daniels supplies back drop, mural and scenery art From staging to national print campaigns and major motion pictures, Phil's unique artwork is a favourite with designers, stylists, and stagers seeking to add an unparalleled and sophisticated polish.

Low Cost Options

You can rent artworks from Phil for one month, 3 months or a year. With only a short contractual commitment, your costs are limited and options open. Part of your agreement can include the rotation of artwork in the workplace to provide an ever changing environment. Phil's monthly rental fees are approximately 12% of an artwork's purchase price, and the fee of your artwork rental will never fluctuate between terms. Please email


Fine Art Rental is an affordable option for companies and homeowners to rent or acquire fine artwork whilst easing the strain on your working capital. Artwork will be delivered, once the contract is agreed and signed. Both, theft and damage insurance, during transit, are the responsibility of Phil Daniels. Once the artwork(s) have been installed, the lessee will add a rider to his/her insurance policy, covering the value of the artwork(s) for the duration of the rental agreement and be responsible for any damage or loss.
1 year Art Rental Agreements cost 7% of the price of the artwork(s) per month.
Typically a £500 painting can be hung on your wall for £35 a month with a minimum period of 12 months.

Month to month Art Rental Agreements cost 12% of the price of the artwork(s) per month. Subject to a minimum rental agreement value of £50.
Typically a £500 painting can be hung on your wall for £60 a month and returned with no further cost. Phil Daniels may replace selected artwork(s) for artwork(s) of similar value at any time during the rental period. While being rented all artworks remain for sale at all times.


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