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Artist Phil Daniels worked closely with Martin Green at Break to ensure the delivered art was the best possible.

Phil has worked in senior roles within large corporates for over 30 years. Representing your company and using art to generate interest and funds is an art in itself and Phil is able to work alongside you to achieve your aims.
Extensive charity work experience with 1to1, Sue Ryder, CancerUK, Break, Wild in Art, Born Free Foundation and the Wildlife Trust. Working alongside such companies has entailed live painting to the public, speaking at events, immediate attentive support and ensuring that the business aims of the customer are achieved.

Public Events

Artist Phil Daniels supported Break at exhibitions and presentations to help generate as much interest as possible

Commercial art such as Phils work with XLeisure, does not directly involve charity work but is also geared to achieving financial goals whilst maintaining high quality art delivered in a fun and memorable way.
A recent venture alongside Moco Developments saw Phils emotional connections series used by industry leaders to help them focus and think about the feelings and emotions of their staff. Phil is happy to discuss your requirements in the commercial sector and work on how his art can directly benefit you


  Phil Daniels -
31 High Street
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