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Emotional Connections

Emotional connections is a thought provoking collection of art by Phil Daniels. Each piece captures an emotion from the complex range of human facial expressions, feelings and emotions.
We subconsciously interpret expressions and read feelings all the time. We make a connection to our own memory of feelings and past interactions. This art offers expressions that question your understanding of the feeling inside. Some expressions are subtle and brief, making the emotion difficult to connect to, and understand.
The process of understanding and connecting to feelings is personal to you. And may differ from someone else. The collection creates simple expressions with underlying personal emotions. What are your connections and feelings? The connections are yours and ultimately the understanding.


Emotional Connections in schools and business

The core 15 emotions covered here are used by business to help managers work with their staff.
"Phil's 'emotions paintings' generated an excellent discussion recently with a group of business leaders. It was interesting to see how many of the people not only 'saw' the paintings but actually 'felt' them as well." Steven Ferrey - MD of Moco Development.

Contact Phil to discuss using the core 15 emotional connections pieces in a business group.

Schools / Learning

Emotional Connections in schools and business

Emotions are the very centre of who we are. And who we might be. Phil runs presentations on this work and also provides additional hands on workshops that teach the art processes of creating emotional connections, from £40 for a school assembly up to £150 with workshop. Phycology students using Phil’s work also gain a great insight with a fun artistic method of thinking about expressions and emotions

Emotional Sports

Emotional Connections in schools and business

Capturing highly charged moments forever without the confusions of colours, people or other details allows the emotional connection painting to concentrate on that special split second. A permanent record of past glories, inspirational images to inspire achievement and powerful emotions to create an atmosphere of "I can".
Why not work with Phil as your appointed official artist and develop the emotional desire to win.
Click here to learn more: 'Emotional Sport Connections'

Portrait / Commission

Emotional Connections in schools and business

Loved ones hold deep emotions within all of us. A pet or a special friend or relative, the emotions run deep. Phil can capture the real soul and record that feeling forever.
From a high quality photograph Phil can produce an A2 framed original painting for only £250.
A wonderful personal gift.

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