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Famous Emotional Connections

Emotional connections is a thought provoking collection of art by Phil Daniels. The "famous" series concentrate on areas like sports people and capturing an emotional moment that is only visible for a split second. Released with great passion and expression, these stunning paintings hold that special emotion forever.
The years of training, devotion and dedication may all come down to the kick of a ball, the swing of a bat or the turn on a wheel. Team mates my rely on you, managers, fans, loved ones. Finally its over.
The pressure. Success. Failure. Emotion.
Phil can capture and reveal the deep emotion in photographs taken at key lifetime moments. He works closely with stars and personalities to create emotional connections. Please contact Phil to start working together; emotionally.


Emotional Connections in schools and business


Emotional Connections in schools and business

Capturing highly charged moments forever without the confusions of colours, people or other details allows the painting to concentrate on that special split second moment. A permanent record of past glories, inspirational images to inspire achievement and powerful emotions to create a positive atmosphere.

Memories are everyone's - from the sportsman, the manager, the team and the fans. Each person holds that moment in their hearts and keeps it treasured. Phil's emotional connections allows that special moment to be kept for all time.
With Phil as your long term artist partner, histories can be captured and past glories restored for everyone.

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