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Case Study Moco Developments

Steven Ferrey - MD of Moco Development "Phil's 'emotions paintings' generated an excellent discussion with a group of business leaders. Our discussion focused around employee engagement and the importance of engaging staff emotionally. Phil's work captured some powerful emotions in a very visual way which resonated with the leaders involved.
It was interesting to see how many of the people involved not only 'saw' the paintings but actually 'felt' them as well."

The Emotional Connection series captures fleeting expressions that show underlying emotions within. Thought provoking and striking, they are used to question understanding and empathy, especially effective within business and social interactions. Moco training and development is a company that specialises in people, relationships and personal development. They used the 15 original paintings at a breakfast meeting to create a fun, challenging and rewarding element to senior personnel from local companies.

The muted tones of Phil's conte work emphasise the deep emotions. The loose open style relays the fraught expressions in large bold movements with the slightest hint of detail to draw you in. Viewers connect with their own memories and pasts.
Art that makes you think and feel. The series is also used in the world of sport where professional sportsmen have their passionate releases of emotion captured and available forever.



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